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Stop Faking IT

empowerment intimacy pleasure reclaiming sexuality sensuality sex coaching woman empowerment Feb 07, 2023

The orgasm gap is cultural, not biological.

What that means is that women’s orgasms aren’t more complicated than men’s, but we were made to believe that they are. 

Let’s Talk About Orgasm:

From textbooks to popular media, novels, erotica, porn and Hollywood, the description and the expectation is that the female O must model itself on men. Few thrusts, explosion of pleasure, and everyone is happy.

Well, if we would take it literally, expecting a woman to orgasm vaginally alone would be equivalent to having a man orgasm solely from stimulation of his perineum. Many women do not orgasm from penetration alone, yet they feel like they should be able to. I’m talking anatomy here. 

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