Hello, I'm Ania Grimone.

I’ve lived 5 lifetimes in one. I grew up in communist Poland in a very religious household,  and culture that was deeply steeped in suffering, and oppression. I traveled the world as a model. I got an education. I experienced in my life almost every form of abuse, repression and trauma that a woman could endure. Disconnected from my body, shamed for my sexuality, ridiculed for my opinions, rejected for my emotions, beaten for my weakness, taken for granted, and violated for my lack of boundaries. 

After 30 years of trying to fix myself and failing, I finally cracked the code. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me, and the key to freedom and healing is pleasure. Yep. Pleasure, sensuality, and sexual liberation woke me up to 5,000 years of gaslighting and made me realize that it is a Woman who turns the world around.

So I am on the mission to help women shake off the haze of patriarchal conditioning. To fall in love and own their bodies, their emotions, their intuition, their voices, their creativity, their connectivity, their curves, their sexiness, and their unique feminine, non-linear, sensual, and earth-bound wisdom. To come home to themselves in safety and power. To take up space.

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My Philosophy

My Training 

My Journey

You will never find your truth in a book someone else wrote.

~ Ania Grimone

Redefining Leadership


We have been taught that the only effective model of leadership is the masculine way of the warrior.  

I say, to hell with that. That may work for men, but we, Women, we have our own genius. 

Feminine leadership and power comes from connection, emotions, beauty, community, love, compassion, sensuality and body wisdom. 

We need neither permission nor approval to bring humanity, play, and pleasure to support our intellect, ability, and skills. It will make for a happier and healthier society. It is time.

Reclaiming Sexuality 


Our sexuality has been for generations an object of contention. It has been suppressed, exploited, shamed, and fought over. It has been used by media to sell things, by religion to force us into submission, by science to scare us, by society to force us into roles it wanted us to play, by men to use for their own pleasure. 

My beloved Goddess, it is time you realize that your body and your sexuality are yours only, to do with it WHATEVER YOU desire. 

Your body is for you. Your pleasure is for you. Your orgasm is for you. Sex is for you. Your sexual expression is for you. Your sexual fantasy and expression are for you. Take back what is yours. Heal your trauma. Kick out old conditioning. Reclaim the sacredness of your sexual core. The temple of you.

Work With Me!


• Do you want to break through the cycle of striving, fixing, self doubt and exhaustion? 

• Do you want to feel safe and live from pleasure, ease, creativity, and self-confidence? 

• Do you want to feel sexy, alive, powerful and beautiful?   To enjoy sex and tap into your magnetism?

• Do you want to be a leader who is sought after because she inspires others by her way of being and not what she does for them?

If you do, work with me. 

I will help you heal. Turn on. Empower. Fall in love with life that you can create when you are in your full Feminine Magnificence and Power.

We heal together. The time of the lone wolf is over. I've been where you are and I know the back roads. 

Let's hop on the call and see what magic we can create.

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Wild: Unapologetically yourself

Powerful: Calling your own shots

Pleasure: Anything that feels good to YOU

Leadership: Leading by example from your truth and power

Healing: Learning, growing and enjoying WHILE living your life

Creatrix: Woman making sh-t happen

Somatic: Body based 

Rewilding: Returning to your original, authentic nature