• you are new to embodiment and need a gentle introduction,
  • you are ready to dive deep into healing trauma, sexual reclamation, and thriving
  • you want to commit to intense transformation,
  • or prefer a slow and unstructured approach,

there is a sweet spot for you in my world! 

Current Offerings

With My Love To You

1. One on One work if you are ready for a custom-made container to uplevel self love, find your purpose, attract deep intimacy, supercharge your relationship, reclaim and fire up your sexuality, and thrive like you've always dreamt of.

2. THRIVE MEMBERSHIP if you crave community, and want more spaciousness in your journey

3. Focused classes to choose from if you want structure, like to learn, and want a gentle intro into body based work



Thrive  Membership

If you are ready to get out of survival and into thriving, you crave an empowering community of women, and you flourish in unstructured, self paced environment, this is your home. 

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Venus Embodied 

Six month, deep, custom designed, and experiential journey to transform your trauma, fear, and old patterns, into the embodiment of pleasure and manifestation of your highest potential and desires. Get out of your head and into your body, and learn to get what you want from a place of ease, sensuality, and play.


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Discover What Really Drives You  

When you have tried everything, and it seems like there are invisible forces that are holding you back that you cannot understand, this session is your answer. Using  quantum scanner technology you will get a front row glimpse at your subconscious, and know what is pulling the strings and how to finally move forward. 


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Get Me Unstuck Session

If you are stuck, struggling and frustrated, and the normal ways of talking about it, brainstorming and fixing are not getting you anywhere, schedule a session and let's dive deep into your nervous system where the solutions live. 

This is meant as an acute intervention for specific issues that need to be dealt with fast. 

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Free Live Embodiment Course For Women 

Undo burnout, eliminate stress, fall in love with your body, increase pleasure, and stand in your power.

A four part, experiential journey to connect to your body, intuition, and ancient wisdom, and learn a simple ingredient that can make everything in your life much, much easier.

Reclaim the unique wisdom of the feminine

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Embodiment For Women 

Self paced, on demand version of the live class.

Contains constantly updated material, bonus supportive practices, journaling prompts, resources, and playlists. It will also include the recordings of the last live class and will be updated with the most current and helpful content.


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The Desire Map

Never again abandon your goals. 

Self paced, on demand class where you:

- Get a map out of procrastination.

- Learn a formula for overcoming resistance

 - Know how you can have what you want even before you reach your goal 


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What Makes Me Different?

And what makes me an expert guide


I am a leader in embodiment mastery, showing women a path to freedom, through pleasure, sensuality, and deep connection to self.


I have been a clinician of Chinese medicine and a health coach with 24 years of experience at an academic center guiding women towards healing, and physical and emotional thriving


I am a Certified Co-Active Coach with unique skills helping women tap into their own flavor of leadership to improve relationships, communication, confidence and presence


I am a certified VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach helping women reclaim their vibrant sexuality no matter the age


I am trained in Somatic Experiencing and Transforming Experience Based Brain, body based trauma resolution methods, and have been helping women heal old wounding that gets in the way of them living fully


I blend the most cutting-edge behavioral and neuroscience with principles of Chinese medicine, Daoism, Tantra, breathwork, movement, sound, quantum physics, and frequency, to help individuals and communities thrive.


In short I am somewhat of a Unicorn, and there is not much you can bring into this space that will make me flinch. I have seen it all and I can hold a safe space for it.