Discover ecstatic bliss and deep wisdom.

Feel amazing about your body and sexuality.

Become the Creatrix of your own reality.


Who is this for?


•  A woman who is burnt out doing things "by the book", and following societal ideas of how she should work, behave, dress and lead. She wants to be herself.

•  A woman who lost connection to her body, sensuality, and aliveness. She wants to feel desire, pleasure, orgasms, and to be magnetic.

•  A woman who spent her life in service of others and feels that she is too old to have an amazing life. She desires it anyway.

•  A woman who feels ashamed of her body and sexuality due to conditioning and trauma. She desires to be free, vibrant, and ecstatic.

What Are The Benefits? 


•  You feel confident and love your body, and you eliminated negativity and judgment.

•  You healed your sexual trauma and don't get triggered much any more.

•  You experience ecstasy, orgasms, and have the most fulfilling sex life.

•  You feel empowered around health, money, relationships and your leadership.

How Do We Do It?


I take you on a deep journey into your body. 

It's deep. It's powerful. It's feminine. It is fun. It is twisty. It is magical.


It is based on science. 

We use embodiment, breathwork, tantric and other somatic practices, jade egg, and lots and lots of love and pleasure. 

We do it the feminine way.
With gentlenesscompassion, radical self-acceptance, and a healthy dose of witchy badassery. 

Private Sessions

12 - 60 minute Private Coaching sessions with Ania via Zoom. We focus on powerful results and use this time to go deep into processes uniquely tailored to your desired outcome. 


Personalized Practices 

Personalized audio and/or video practices for you to do at home between the sessions, so you integrate the work into your nervous system and can show up more powerfully in your life. 

They are 5 - 20 minutes long, so easy to work into your schedule.


Messaging Access

Direct message access for additional support as needed. I am your biggest guide, confidant, and cheerleader on this journey.


Let's talk!

Who Is Empowered Mature Woman?

•  She is connected to, and loves her body.
•  She is plugged in to her intuition and trusts it. 
•  She feels, receives, and actively pursues pleasure.
•  She knows her truth and stands by it.
•  She has sex life that is self-defined.
•  She knows that her sexual aliveness is a source of abundance, pleasure, and peace.
•  She has boundaries and can hold them fiercely.
•  She trusts her experiences over any external messages of what she "should" be, look, do, or feel. 
•  She prioritizes what is best for her, knowing it’s the key to her innate ability to lead. 

Let's Talk!

Why Do You Want To Work With Me? 


•  I have been through the journey myself. From traumatized, exhausted, and numb, to joyful, free, and empowered. I have gone deep. Through hell to the other side. I can hold you through it all.

•  I have practiced Chinese medicine at a teaching hospital for the past 19 years and have deep experience working with the body, trauma, and sexuality. 

•  I blend the most cutting-edge science with Tantra, spirituality, breathwork, movement, sound, and energy to integrate and heal all your layers.

•  I am amazing at what I do. At listening, reflecting, mirroring, cheerleading, guiding, and holding space for all of you. I will not flinch. I will not judge. I will hold you with honor, love and fierce commitment to your outcome until you rise and stand in your power. 

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