Return To Self, 

The Embodiment Course For Women

Wave goodbye to burnout, shed stress, fall in love with your body, supercharge your pleasure, and tap into your power.

Dive into a no-cost, four-week experiential adventure to connect to your body, amplify your intuition, tap into ancient wisdom, and learn a simple ingredient that can make everything in your life much, much easier.

Reclaim the timeless wisdom of the feminine. 

It is my gift to you because every woman deserves to thrive.

Get Out Of Your Head, Into The Body, And On With Your Life. 

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Next start date is March 30th, 2024 at  10:30 AM on Zoom. Classes 2-4 will be on consecutive Saturdays at 10:30 AM CDT (Chicago)

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Create safety, connect to body, intuition, and pleasure to build a solid foundation for healing.


Fall unapologetically in love with yourself. Body, mind, and soul. Exactly as you are RIGHT NOW


Take back your sensuality, play, and pleasure as gateways to healing, peace, and connection.


Plug up energy leaks. Do it on your own terms. Boldly own who you are. Enjoy it. Lead with it.

Experience the healing potential of somatic practices.  

Breathwork, movement, sound, and energy to unlock the healing power of your own body.

Each week you will receive a short lecture, and be guided through specific body based practices, so you can connect body and mind, and break though cycles of stress and suffering. 

Learn small routines that will, over time, transform into powerful rituals. They will free you of old toxic habits, thoughts, beliefs, and boxes you've been crammed into. 

They will help you find your voice, make room for what's important for you, and decide for yourself how to live, how to look, and how to feel. 

What To Expect Each Week 

Week 1 


Introduction to body based, aka, somatic healing tools.

Learn how to complete stress cycles and consistently return to the "rest and digest" part of the nervous system.

Experience a heart awakening practice to decrease stress and powerfully reconnect to your body. 

Meet yourself with full acceptance, honoring every aspect of you, creating radical safety necessary for the body to reset and for you to feel more powerful, resilient and in flow.

Week 2 


Activate self-love, and compassion as springboards to healing and fuel your flow.

Use power of deep desire to connect to the creative aspect of your nervous system.

Learn how to unwind the obstacles to your healing and desires, by diving deep into subconscious, through a powerful and effective embodiment practice.

Repair the relationship, and fall in love with your body as is.

Learn to stop fearing uncomfortable emotions, so you don't get stuck in them and can return to balance no matter what is happening. .


Week 3 


Sometimes during embodiment practices, you may encounter past hurts, and strong  difficult emotions, judgments, or conditioning.

This week you will learn how to meet these parts in safety and compassion, so you can gently heal and integrate them.

You will learn practices, and ways to keep yourself present and grounded in safety, so you can courageously continue the journey of reclaiming freedom from the past.



Week 4


This week you will connect to pleasure as a catalyst to healing and empowerment.

Increase your body's pleasure capacity. Learn a master move that will give you access to your erotic core. Practice sensitization, and learn about dearmoring.

Dive deep into your sensual awareness to bring richness and pleasure into your life any time you want. 

Learn how pleasure can support you in the most difficult moments.

It can become your secret sauce and become a place of rest from chaos of life. 



Ania Grimone


I am a clinician of Chinese medicine with 24 years experience at an academic medical center. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Health, and Certified Sex Coach. I practice Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution methods and am on my way to professional certification as an SE therapist, as well as TEB, (Transforming Experience Based Bain - prenatal and early childhood trauma resolution method). I blend the most cutting-edge behavioral and neuroscience with principles of Chinese medicine, Daoism, Tantra, breathwork, movement, sound, and energy to integrate mind and body, so you can heal and thrive. 

I am not an academic. I am a practitioner of what I teach and have done my own extensive work. My body saved my life.



What Women Are Saying

Over 400 women went through the program since I started teaching it last year.

Linda D.

It Is incredible we don’t all get taught this. Stress cycle. Never heard of!                                                                                                                                                                                          

Marysia D.

Thank you for your amazing guidance and thank you everyone for being here to shift our collective trajectory into greater empowerment and pleasure!

Laura Z.

Learning that trauma gets stored in ways that we might not expect. And this pleasure practice is amazing!  Really accentuated all I was feeling.                 

Jane B.

Ania,  I love your sacred teaching and guidance. I’ve learned more acceptance and love for myself. Thank you so much for this workshop. It was so healing.

Catherine L.

Thank you so much. I experienced a release of grief, and tears flowed when I allowed myself to speak out loud. So powerful.                                                          

Clarissa T.

Thank you for this class. I definitely feel deeply more aware of my body. I look forward to getting more into my body. I also became more aware of spaces in body where I hold tension.

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Four weeks to more connection, love, pleasure and power. 

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