Fool Proof Your Desires conditioning empowerment values based life woman empowerment Feb 18, 2023

It's February. About 6 weeks into the new year and the rush of the holidays, and the sparkly hope of the new beginning has long faded, taken over by the reality of daily responsibilities. If you are one of the few who has made a promise to themselves to follow a dream, or a desire and is...

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Work/Life Balance When It is NOT In Your Job Description empowerment feminine leadership healing redefining leadership values based life woman empowerment work/life balance Jan 27, 2022

Work/life balance is a complete nonsense.

When I was learning English in Paris, and I came across the phrase, it gave me a pause. Prone to literal translations, I wondered: Are you dead when you are working? Shouldn't it be a work/home balance? 

Like "raining cats and dogs", I was told...

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