Can we feel pleasure in the world ravaged by pain? empowerment feminine leadership healing trauma and conditioning self-kindness Mar 03, 2022

I was teaching a class this week. It was one in the series on embodiment, and it was about how to increase the capacity for, and experience of pleasure in the body. 

That morning I woke constricted, nauseous, and agitated. At first I thought I didn't sleep well. I was reading news about...

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The Journey Towards Courage. Picking Shadows. healing healing trauma and conditioning midlife safety self-kindness woman empowerment Jan 06, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like pain.

Unless of course, I do. When it serves me and I can use it to prove to the world that I am tough, that I can overcome, and that I am worthy of their admiration and respect. And awe. Awe would be nice.

You see, I grew up in a pretty toxic...

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Wild: unapologetically yourself

Powerful: Calling your own shots

Pleasure: Anything that feels good to YOU

Leadership: Leading by example from your truth and power

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Creatrix: Woman making sh-t happen

Somatic: Body based 

Rewilding: Returning to your original, authentic nature