Stop Faking IT empowerment intimacy pleasure reclaiming sexuality sensuality sex coaching woman empowerment Feb 07, 2023

The orgasm gap is cultural, not biological.

What that means is that women’s orgasms aren’t more complicated than men’s, but we were made to believe that they are. 

Let’s Talk About Orgasm:

From textbooks to popular media, novels, erotica, porn and Hollywood, the...

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The Essential Nature Of Pleasure emotions empowerment intimacy pleasure sensuality Jan 20, 2023

For generations, women have been influenced by a sex-negative culture.

Sex And Culture:

Conflicting messages from religions, media, advertising, and the medical community, simultaneously push the model of a “good, moral woman”, exploit women’s bodies to sell stuff, celebrate...

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Our Sex Drive Is Impacted By More Than Hormones conditioning emotions healing intimacy reclaiming sexuality Jan 20, 2023

While hormonal shifts associated with menopause do have an impact on our physiology, it is just one piece of an overall picture. 

Our Sex Drive:

Our sex drive, levels of arousal, experience of pleasure, and access to ecstasy are a complex interplay between physiology, internal connectivity,...

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Why Women Disconnect From Sex, Work, and Relationships empowerment feminine leadership intimacy safety woman empowerment Sep 27, 2022

I am yet to meet a Woman, who has not been shamed, criticized or rejected for ...being a woman. And I don't even mean the overt hostility, violence, and oppression that women experience in some religious regimes. I mean women in the Western cultures, generally enjoying the privilege of...

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Intimacy. Yours Forever. intimacy woman empowerment Jul 12, 2022

I wanted it. I craved it. I was so jealous watching others who appeared as if they had it, only to find that when few years later they would engage in a bitter divorce, I would feel a secret satisfaction that I am not the only looser. 

I chased after it, as if it were a race. The...

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