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Moving Through Life Challenges: The Power of Connecting to Your Body for Success and Fulfillment

change embodiment success Dec 10, 2023

You cannot escape change. Whether it's a career transition, a relationship shift, or a personal transformation, change brings challenges that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. The perception of change as unsafe triggers your nervous system into a state of hypervigilance, constantly keeping you on alert. It depletes your energy reserves and messes with essential bodily functions such as digestion, reproduction, and sleep. BUT, by reconnecting with your body, you CAN find strength and resilience to overcome these difficult moments.

Case study: Me! I am in the midst of a major life transition. I decided to leave my 20 year job, sell or give away all of my possessions, rent my house, launch my child into the world, and embark on an adventure. I am leaving the country (initially for Brazil and Portugal, but who knows what happens when I am on the road). I am giving up the security of my well-established life, and launching myself into the world, with my coaching practice, and my own wits to keep me alive. I am also doing it with a partner whom I love and trust deeply, but with whom I had not shared a home full time for 5 years. He rented his house and moved in with me. Ahhhh. The big question in my head was "Can I handle it?!?!?" 

I already had a few meltdowns, but instead of telling myself stories about what is going to happen, and let my fears run amok, I dropped into the felt sense of fear, worry, sadness, grief, annoyance, insecurity, sadness, or shame and I moved it through. I honored my experience. I dignified the emotions. I made space for them. 

It is normal, when you contemplate change, even the best kind, for your nervous system to kick up resistance. It's not because of your inability or the wrongness of our desires. Instead, the resistance serves as a roadmap for areas where healing and transformation are necessary to get to your desire.

Stress and resistance register as discomfort in the body, and it's to these physical sensations that we attach stories of why we cannot/should not achieve something. Anxiety and excitement feel remarkably similar in the body.  It is only the interpretation of the context that determines which emotion you experience.

When you bypass the stories in your head and instead engage with your thoughts and emotions at the level of bodily sensations, you can get through stressful times with much less effort, and stress. On the other side, you will find clarity and actionable wisdom. It's what happens when you let the emotions inform you instead of turning away from them.

Learning the language of your body and treating it as partner in your journey is the key to achieving success without burnout AND to finding pleasure along the way. Your body is a home of your instinct and intuition—the wisdom that often gets drowned out by the noise of the mind.

Did you know that your nervous system processes a staggering 11,000,000 bits of information per second, but you only become aware of about 40? By connecting with and interpreting the signals our bodies send us, we expand our capacity to navigate challenging situations and even attract seemingly miraculous synchronicities and opportunities.

It is my belief that every woman should have access to the knowledge of becoming fluent in her own wisdom, accompanied by a supportive community to practice in a safe, celebratory, and connected environment. That's why I invite you to join my world. If it is through 1:1 work, monthly membership practices, of free 4 week embodiment course, the only outcome possible is a life with more sensuality, pleasure, ease and connection. There is no other way when you live embodied.

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