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5 Ways to Become Your Own Best Lover

sexual empowerment Jan 20, 2023

It isn’t easy. In the true spirit of efficiency, nature doesn’t waste resources just hanging out hoping that someday, maybe, on a remote chance, we will pass by and avail ourselves.

Sensuality And Sex:

 Nope. She will close up shop and go where her resources are needed. For most of us, it is supporting the constant state of stress and hypervigilance. Managing the relentless demands of everyday life and keeping our sh-t together.

It is enough we frequently need to prove that we are capable, smart, lovable, acceptable, worthy, and deserving, but when it comes to sensuality and sex, we spend our lives bewildered. We navigate the constant barrage of conflicting messages. Madonna or a whore? Slut, or an ice queen? Mother or lover?

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Wild: unapologetically yourself

Powerful: Calling your own shots

Pleasure: Anything that feels good to YOU

Leadership: Leading by example from your truth and power

Healing: Learning, growing and enjoying WHILE living your life

Creatrix: Woman making sh-t happen

Somatic: Body based 

Rewilding: Returning to your original, authentic nature