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Be Seen And Heard Without Yelling, Or Stomping Your Feet.

empowerment feminine leadership magnetism pleasure sensuality woman empowerment Jun 06, 2022

When was the last time when you felt your own rich, deep, luscious, curvy, and un-constricted sensuality? When was the last time you ran your hand through your hair, not to fix it, but to feel the silky threads between your fingers? When was the last time you felt goosebumps at your own touch, or enjoyed the sway of your hips while crossing the street? When was the last time you felt sweat between your breasts and felt a tingle of excitement? 

If you are drawing a blank, of feel confused, or embarrassed about these questions, it is time to bring you home. 

Underneath your work, laundry, cleaning, your kid's lunches or homework, and needs of your partner, there lies buried a Woman. Powerful, mystical, and sensual creature capable of passion, sexiness, aliveness and rapture. 

Her body, capable to experience all that it was designed to be and do. To give life, to dance, to think, to create, and above all to feel. The level of her engagement in life is directly related to her capacity to feel, to sense, and to embody. 

Cultivating sensuality is allowing you to be IN your life, rather than thinking and worrying about it. 

When you are embodied, you have access to all of you. You no longer play avoidance game, because you know that sensations constantly change, and that at any point you have access to pleasure. You no longer fear yourself. 

Wherever you might be in your journey of sensuality, likely you have at some point equated it to sex. While it is true that sensuality can be an exquisite part of fulfilling sex, sensuality is about our whole lives, not just this small piece of it. 

Sensuality is the number one tool to cultivate, in order to interact meaningfully with our nervous systems. You use it to heal trauma, reduce stress, or create more capacity for success, love, safety, visibility, or belonging. To overcome our limitations, and step into full human potential, sensuality is a must. It helps us know ourselves, and create regulation in the nervous system. 

When you learn to drop into the sensations in your body, to activate your senses, you are able to become more aware of, and track your sensory experience. When you can track sensation, you can gain more understanding of your emotions, you can move through them, and create regulation in the body. 

When you are fully in your body, you can access deep wisdom from before it became obscured by the messages of repressive culture, media, or politics, telling us how we "should be". 

An embodied woman, who has access to her sensuality is no longer silent, or invisible. She is MAGNETIC. Why?

Because she knows herself. She no longer seeks approval, because she knows her own value. She is confident, she is vocal, she no longer settles for less than she is worth. She stops interacting with herself through a lens of someone else's rules and expectations, and follows the evidence of her own internal sensations. She hones her instinct, and creates safety for herself that gives her confidence to be seen and heard. She has access to pleasure.

If you ask a fish to climb a tree, she will fail. Not because she is a failure, but because fish do not climb trees. 

Perhaps you are a woman, or know one, who has built a career, relationship, or family, and at the start felt very hopeful and excited about it. But now, after years past, you feel it is so hard. You may have lost yourself in the process, and feel that your value has been reduced to the role you play, where doing and checking things of the list, replaced the excitement, and vibrancy you once enjoyed. It's as if with time, your energy drained, and you became smaller, and somehow irrelevant. You are the fish trying to climb a tree feeling like a failure.

I am not talking theoretically here. This was me. Career, relationship, family. On paper I looked great. Inside, I was a walking zombie. Brain on a meat stick. Bought into the "bro culture" messaging that I just need to work harder to get what I want. But this is not a woman's way. 

We are not weak copies or our male counterparts, following in their footsteps, and trying to emulate their ways in hopes of producing similar results. We are an entirely different species. 

Sensuality is our superpower. It is the ticket to freedom. To be free, we must free our bodies by feeling them.

How do you cultivate sensuality?

Start with connecting mindfully to your senses. Sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Notice how they ground you in the present. Past and future vanish. Your present moment is unobstructed. You see the truth in it. 

Seek pleasurable sensations to help downregulate your nervous system. Brush your hair, tenderly touch your skin, look at something beautiful, savor your favorite drink or food, smell an essential oil, pay a compliment to yourself and listen to the sound of your own voice . Feel your body. Notice how it moves through space, how it wants to move towards some things, and away from others. How it expands energetically around certain people, and contract around others. 

Notice patterns of numbness, and what happens in your body when fear creeps in. Do not turn away from your own sensations. They are your currency of aliveness, your roadmap to healing and the gatekeeper of pleasure. 

I am a go to person to help women be seen and heard. Whether it is in their relationships, love, or advancing their careers. I do that through pleasure and connecting them to their sensuality. They become confident, fall in love with themselves, learn to speak up for what they want, and stop wasting their time settling for less than what they are worth. Connect with me, if you want to get out of  "I am sick and tired of being a work horse, and not being heard", and into a confident, magnetic, and pleasure infused sensual Goddess that you really are. You are welcome :)

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Wild: unapologetically yourself

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