Work/Life Balance When It is NOT In Your Job Description empowerment feminine leadership healing redefining leadership values based life woman empowerment work/life balance Jan 27, 2022

Work/life balance is a complete nonsense.

When I was learning English in Paris, and I came across the phrase, it gave me a pause. Prone to literal translations, I wondered: Are you dead when you are working? Shouldn't it be a work/home balance? 

Like "raining cats and dogs", I was told...

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Will I Get Burned Like My Grandmothers Did? conditioning empowerment feminine leadership healing healing trauma and conditioning reclaiming sexuality woman empowerment Jan 18, 2022

I did my best to stay in the lane. I took classes, learned theories, applied behavioral science, watched the best of the best, and emulated what I saw. 

I taught what I knew and got well deserved pats on the back, that would temporarily make me feel like what I was doing was making a...

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The Energetics Of Feminine Leadership empowerment feminine leadership healing midlife reclaiming sexuality redefining leadership Jan 12, 2022

I used to think of leadership as an intellectual pursuit. We learn how to influence people's behavior, mange change, inspire and motivate. Leadership as an institution exists for most part in the service of doing. As such, it is best suited to men, because it aligns with the masculine...

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Who Are You In The Midst Of Chaos? empowerment healing midlife reclaiming sexuality redefining leadership sex coaching sexual revolution woman woman empowerment woman leadership Dec 20, 2021

Who Am I?

It is at the same time the most profound and the most banal question that we can ask of ourselves and that we get asked by others. It can be asked from the most superficial level of “who the hell are you?” when you accidentally crash a wrong party at a hotel venue to the...

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