Reclaiming Sensuality.
Redefining Leadership.
Resurrecting The Whole Woman.

The Midlife Pleasure Revolution


"Pleasure is a magic ingredient that makes everything more successful. Business. Sex. Relatoinships. Money." ~ Ania  


Redefining Leadership

The end of pushing and striving. We do it though connection, love, and lots and lots of pleasure. 

Reclaiming Sensuality

Feeling is your secret superpower to manifestation of your desires. Turn your senses on!


Hi, I am Ania. 


I'd rather play than fight. I’d rather be in pleasure than stress. I’d rather do my thing than worry about what people think of me. I love being a Woman. Changing, emotional, mysterious, powerful, playful, dark, light, sexy, loving, compassionate and so many other things. I don’t want to live by the code of men. Be like men, dress like men, behave like men, lead like men. 
I grew up in the same environment that most women did. One that taught us to be weak. To fear our own bodies. To disown our sensuality and our sexuality. To accept only certain roles. To be content with less. I lived with deep trauma. I hated myself. I doubted myself. 
And then I said ENOUGH! The only way I free myself is by abandoning the fight against patriarchy. I cannot win at a game that is rigged to engage me in a fight, so that I get burnt out, exhausted and resentful. 
The way to win was to fall in love with myself and help other women do the same. To see, and honor the richness and power of a woman. To reclaim our bodies, unique wisdom of our emotions, our sexuality, and our intuition.
The way to win is to do it together.
Because together we are unassailable.

Work With Me


Dive Into The Essence Of Feminine Leadership


You create safety, connect to body, intuition, and pleasure to build a solid foundation.

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You fall deeply in love with your body, mind, and soul. Wrinkles, past, and all.

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Sensuality, orgasms, and shameless ownership of your body. Yum!

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You are seen. You are heard. You ask for what you want. Confidence and ownership.

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Work With Me



Stephanie R.
My work with Ania feels like the release of the exhale. I can show up, be witnessed, and held in a sacred feminine space where my sexuality and experience are honored and dignified. Ania
helps me to discover deeper layers of myself with so much intuitive wisdom, gentle authority, and no judgement. Working with Ania has helped me to step more fully into my passion, embrace my sexuality and pleasure in a beautiful receptive way and take big steps in my career that have up leveled my wealth. 

Vijayshree V.

Ania brings heart, body, and soul into her practice which is just the most authentic experience in releasing underlying fears, trauma, or embodied pain. Her voice and approach are so gentle, respectful, and honest. I’ve worked with her over time and keep discovering more of my inner power. 

Sofie C.
This work has finally allowed me to heal my sexuality, experience more pleasure, orgasms and have more courage to ask for what I want. In bedroom and in other areas of my life. I feel more confident, more beautiful and I worry much less what other people think. Ania creates an
amazingly powerful and safe space for a very profound healing. She also does it with pleasure and play which makes it a lot easier than anything I have tried before. Thank you! 

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