The Second Spring - Midlife 



Experiential, and deeply transformational embodiment program for Women in midlife, who are ready to get out of the rut, heal trauma, and to reclaim their sensuality, confidence, and turn-on. Manifest the most exciting and kick-ass, magical chapter of your lives, where pleasure is both the journey and the destination. 


Finally, a place you have been looking for. 

What is Second Spring all about? 


You will experience what's actually possible for your midlife, and then you will make it happen.

"You can have whatever you want
as long as you are willing to let go
of an identity of a woman who cannot have it".   

I will take you on a deep journey where you will discover, and inhabit the identity that will give you the midlife experience you desire. Whatever it is.

Great sex, deep, meaningful relationship, creativity, new career, being more assertive, feeling confident in your body, being adventurous, healthy, or vibrant. 

Sexual energy is creation energy. It is how we birth anything into being. When we cultivate it, we thrive physically, we are emotionally solid, and have deep, embodied spirituality




You will gain an ability, and freedom to transform, to shape shift, to choose who you are according to what you want to manifest. You will get to pick an identity that serves your future. 

You will let go of trauma, beliefs, thoughts, hang-ups, and limitations that keep you hostage. You stop reacting, become present, and restore choice. 

We blow up the paradigm, where you believed that who you are is set in stone, and midlife means sliding into obscurity.You gain confidence and become empowered to be The Woman you want to be

We re-write old, disempowering stories. The Past no longer holds you back. 

We tap into desire. You have a clear vision for your future.

We awaken your sexual energy, so it can birth your Midlife and Beyond. 

We do it in pleasure. We do it in peace and regulation. We do it with play. Change doesn't burn you out

We go deep. We feel. You build safety and become resilient as Fuck

We learn Daoist, and Tantric practices and rituals, embodiment, breathwork, Jade egg, somatic experiencing, and play. You heal, develop deep self-love, and confidence in yourself. 

We move gently, sensually, and without forcing change, while engaging simultaneously the mind, and the deepest, unconscious networks of your nervous system for real change. We do it the feminine way. You embody the deepest power and mystery that is A Woman

When you connect to your sexual energy

You feel more sexually alive and turned on in everything you do. Orgasms are easy, and pleasure available at any time. You explore fantasies, and become adventurous. You feel safe, free, healthy, and empowered in your sexuality.


You attract, create, or revive a passionate and deep, exciting, romantic relationship. You communicate like a powerful Queen that you are, and know how to get support. You feel safe to be yourself, be seen, heard, valued and cherished.


You can speak your mind without fear of judgment or rejection. You are assertive in asking for what You want. Help, support, time, respect, validation, safety, pleasure, etc. You are emotionally solid and fear doesn't run the show. You are free of trauma, and self-judgment.


Life is way easier in general. You are more confident in your body to be willing to be noticed, and take up space. Your health improves. You have more energy, make better choices, and have stamina to get through work, and have more to spare for family, friends, hobbies and yes, sex.

You trust that you have what it takes to go for it, and make it happen. You  know you won't be crushed if something doesn't work out, because you can generate feelings of safety, love and belonging for yourself. You get out of victim mode,  and depending on others to feel good. 

You feel bold, alive, juicy. You can hold the wisdom you earned in your life, with the youthful hunger of spirit that is ageless. You stop competing with other women, stop trying to prove anything, stop giving a damn about opinions of others, and surrender fully to your own aliveness. 

Yes! I want this. Sign me up!

Are you thinking this?


  • I want something else, but I don’t know what.
  • I hate aging. I hate my body.
  • I am afraid to ask for what I want for fear of being judged and ridiculed for wanting it now.
  • I have so many regrets. I wish I could do it over.
  • It's too late to change. I wish I could. 
  • I’ve done it this way for so long, I don't know if I can do anything else, but I want to 
  • Everyone expects me to keep doing things for them. I don't want to, but I don't want to be a bitch
  • I am so angry and feel like I have wasted time, and opportunities
  • I'm sick of talking about the weather, clothes and neighbors. I want more meaning 
  • I am in a rut. Home, work. I want out!!!
  • I want to get out of my head during sex, and stop worrying. I also want my desire back. Without it I feel broken, old, and cheated. 
  • I want to try new things. In sex, relationship, career, but I feel people judge me and I don’t want to be judged and rejected, so I keep my mouth shut and time is just running out. I am mad
  • I don’t have a partner, so I don’t get to have sex. 
  • I don’t know how to flirt. It has been so long. I am afraid to try a new relationship. 
  • Nobody wants to be in a relationship with an older woman. I am old.
  • My relationship is dead. We are room-mates and I am afraid what will happen when kids move out. 
  • I don’t have energy to start over. It seems so complicated and overwhelming, but I want something else.

Why Am I The One To Take You On This Journey?

Ania Grimone MS, L.Ac., CPCC


Because I am experienced in working with women. Between 23 years of clinical practice, and 10 years of coaching, I have heard it all. I understand, honor, respect, have compassion for, and can hold all aspects of your humanity. I understand trauma. I create safety like nobody’s business. So you can see yourself, heal, grow and transform. 

Because I know how to do this work without dysregulating your nervous system, so you can work, take care of your family and function in your life while healing from difficult past and rewiring your nervous system for pleasure, joy, ecstasy, courage, adventure and whatever else you want to create. 

Because I have done my work and understand what it takes, and what it’s like. I am not a peanut gallery. I flinch at nothing. There is nothing you can throw at me that will make me judge you, shrink from you, or abandon you. I will go with you to hell and back, so you don’t have to be scared, or do it alone. 

Because I loooooooove the shadow work. Because I understand that there is only so far we can get to with “love and light” strategies. It is not what we know that holds us back, it is what we don't know that lives in the shadow.  The unconscious network, the unfelt things, the trauma, the beliefs, the conditioning, the rage, the judgment, and self-rejection. 

Because I will never treat you as a victim and myself as your hero. I believe that you have all that it takes to heal, integrate and create the identity you need to get what you want. I simply know the tools that will help you get there. 

Because I am willing to make you uncomfortable. We will use pleasure, we will focus on and emphasize nervous system regulation, but I will endeavor to blow up your old, stagnant ways of being and thinking. And you may be mad, and I am OK with it. This is my radical love for you. Your transformation is more important to me than being a “nice teacher”.

Because I am not afraid of destruction. Nature constantly destroys itself and is reborn. That’s what it takes. Surrendering what is dead or dying, destroying what is just taking up space, no longer serves, and obstructs progress. Change is scary. That is why we will do this together. There is strength in numbers. 

Because I use pleasure as an anchor during the difficult times. I use sensuality, deep feminine wisdom, body, breath, movement, sounding, and energy to deeply transform your nervous system. Your brain can take a break. For once you will not have to figure anything out. 

What We Do In Second Spring

~ Part 1 ~

1. Create a foundation of safety, and regulate your nervous system, so you can confront the current obstacles to change with love and compassion, and unconditional acceptance.

2. Identify, and re-write your midlife story. Learn what your current beliefs are and how they would need to shift to get you to your desires. Teach your nervous system to get on board and feel safe in the new reality, so you don't fight with yourself. 

3. Activate your sexual center. Introduction to Yoni egg practice, as a tool for healing, pleasure sensitization, and energy generation 

~ Part 2 ~

1. Inner Child work. Let the adult run the show, and stop people pleasing, fawning, hiding, chasing, compromising, reacting, shutting down, and generally getting in your own way.

2. Create a solid foundation of worthiness and deservingness in your nervous system, so it becomes embodied, not just a thought in your head. Reach for a dream relationship, epic sex, promotion, adventure, hot body, from a place of power.

3. Pleasure reclamation. Yoni egg practice to awaken an ocean of pleasure, and use it as fuel for healthy body, wild creativity, and manifestation of desires. 

~ Part 3 ~

1. Lost self reclamation and shadow work. Stop feeling like a puppet to unconscious drives, impulses, fears, and hangups that sabotage your pleasure, joy,  and desires. 

2. Gentle trauma healing. Yoni egg practice to clear past hurts, traumas, old patterns, and relationship imprints from your nervous system, so you can be open to creativity, and new, healthy relationships. End shame, fear, and guilt. 

3. Ecology of Thriving. Uncover what blocks your growth, and increase your system's capacity to hold love, safety, and abundance without fear, or self-sabotage

~ Part 4 ~ 

1. Identity work. Letting go of the learned, imposed, outdated, old, and untrue elements of old identity. The embodiment of the most powerful Future Self as a dominant resource for future creation. 

2. Sexual energy as a portal to higher states of consciousness. Yoni egg practice - Tantric orgasms and practice of harnessing energy for longevity, creativity, and bliss.

3. Sexual and personal empowerment. How to alchemize sexual energy into a fuel to "birth" Midlife and beyond.   

~ Bonus ~

1. Three Q+A Coaching Sessions 

2. Vaginal Dearmoring Workshop. Learn vaginal acupressure for a deep physical, and emotional release of stored tightness, tension, and trauma. The result is empowered sexuality. I imagine, you would like that :) 

3. Grief Ritual. Learn how to move through life's changes, without getting stuck in the past, while honoring what you are leaving behind.

4. Sex Magick. An ancient tantric practice for manifestation of desires

How We Do It

~ 1~

Four Jade (or Crystal Egg) Practices


YONI EGG AKA Jade Egg ( or Crystal Egg ) practice comes from the Daoist Tradition and was developed thousands of years ago. It has been used as an effective, holistic method for healing and integrating sexuality. With regular practice, you may be able to shift your emotional and energetic relationship to your body and your sexuality, and see dissolution of shame, guilt and fear in the body, and integrate your trauma.

It may also help you sensitize the vagina to pleasure, reclaim your body love, and create safety, all of which lead to better orgasms


~ 2 ~

Five Powerful Breathwork Practices to heal and reconnect to your most powerful self


This is not just regular breathing. You will be guided in Heart Opening, Pleasure Reclamation, Womb Activation, Pelvic Floor Healing Release, and Empowerment sessions. 

Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools for transformation and we do it in safety, sensuality, and with deep intention. This breathwork will set you free.  

~ 3~

Five Embodiment Practices To Create A New Blueprint In The Nervous System For Strong Boundaries, Confidence, Safety, And Pleasure


Embodiment means in-the-body. These powerful practices will get you out of your head,  and help your nervous system step out of old, outdated patterns that used to keep you safe, but don't serve any more. You will experience on the deepest level your true essence of pleasure, sensuality, creative expression, and unique voice


~ 4 ~

Three Primal Tantric Rituals to Liberate Emotions, Heal Trauma, and Manifest The Heaven Out Of Reality


Every week we will be practicing the five tantric tools for transformation to deepen into our process. Movement, Sounding, Breathwork, Energy and deep Presence. We will embody these through Tantric initiations and practices until they become a second nature and nurture you in this program and beyond. You will experience Grief And Release Ritual, Lost Self Reclamation Ritual, and Sex Magick Manifestation Ritual


Let me tell you why embodied (through the body) learning is the only way to experience lasting change

I've been looking for this. YES, PLEASE!



We will meet 3 Saturdays each month at 10:30 AM  Central Time (Chicago) with built in Integration Weeks, so you have time to absorb, while staying deliciously regulated. Because, you know, life is still happening :) 

Exact dates coming soon.




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What Women Are Saying

Elana K.

These last few weeks with you were more helpful than my 5 years of therapy. Thank you so much!                                                                                                                                                              

Stephanie D.

These classes are wonderful! I find your approach to be enormously respectful and sensitive to my sense of self, and you have a way of helping me feel safe, and like I belong.  What you do offer is so unique and deep A very healing experience that also feels playful😊. Thank you. 

Victoria C.

I wish someone taught me these practices before. I could have saved myself so much pain. I could have maybe avoided my illness, divorce, so much self-hatred. Thank you! Thank you! For your compassion and kindness. I felt like I was safe to feel something, and finally heal. I feel less judgmental, and I feel my body, I speak up. It is wonderful.

What's Included

12 - 90 minute LIVE calls with Ania

This is an experiential journey. What it means is that every week I will be guiding you into a deeply healing, liberating and  often pleasurable practice.

We will have time for teaching about the practice before and integration/sharing at the end. 

#2 Weekly Journaling Prompts, Supportive Practices and lifetime access to the program

There will be journal prompts to help integrate this work every week.

Lifetime access to this course! That means you can come back to these practices over and over again. 

#3 Community support for connection and integration.  

A safe space where you can lean into community, be seen, supported, held, and  celebrated. Healing is much more powerful when done in sisterhood.

As women, we are relational creatures, so when we support each other and embody the knowledge that we are not alone, we all thrive.

#4 Extra Bonus Calls

Three Q&A sessions for answering your questions, connection, spot coaching, and deeper integration.

A Vaginal Dearmoring workshop for trauma healing and integration.

Grief Ritual practice to let go of regret and loss, and prepare for things to come.

Sex Magick Power Initiation - secret Tantric practice for manifestation of desires. 

So exciting. I can't wait!

The Results 


Your Freedom

Your Truth

Your Confidence

You Full Sexual Expression

Your Creativity

Your Playfulness

Your Boundaries

Your Voice




Imagine For A Moment


What if midlife was the best part of your life yet? The time when you can step into the fullness of who you really are. 

The time when you heal your trauma, and no longer let the adaptive behaviors that kept you safe long time ago, make you settle for less than what you desire. 

What if you could feel fully surrendered and in love with your body, sexually empowered to seek, feel, and receive pleasure. What if you could feel confident in how you speak, trust your own intuition, and believe in your capacity to live the life you desire. Not based on what you wanted, or thought you wanted, 20+ years ago, but now. 

What if you could feel playful, peaceful, and fully empowered, while being grounded in your own sexual essence of a Woman.

Strong, but soft, receptive, but safe, connected and embodied. 

Sexual Healing and Empowerment is usually the last part of the healing, because we learned to prioritize our pleasure last. We also carry the most resistance and shame here.

Wherever we have the most shame and repression, there is the most opportunity for expansion and growth. Getting into the body with Somatic (AKA Body) Work is the key to unlock your next level and the deepest healing and  transformation.

More Testimonials

Mary Pat B.

These sessions were the best use of my time. I feel deeply seen, and supported. Thank you for the gift of connecting to my own body. I feel so much more confident. I love this new way to be with myself.

Laura E.

Holly S-it! This was the most powerful container I have been in. Wow! I cannot even put into words the depth of wisdom that just dropped into my body. Your reflection took me to another level. I have been struggling with it, feeling stuck, and now all of that struggle is gone. I am ready to lead from a very different place. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you!

Barb Z.

I am so lucky. You go soooo deep. I could feel your solid presence like a warrioress in the underworld, and I knew I was safe. That you could hold me.
You are fierce and solid. Unmovable.
I don’t know what you have done in your life, but If I had to go to hell, I would ask you to go with me.

I'm grateful for your incredible deep deep wisdom. I could feel it holding me. You held the world for me so I could fly like an eagle, and I knew it will be here when I get back.

I’m grateful for such gentleness. I felt so held and so so loved.

Yes! I want this. Sign me up!


You stop being reactive based on past trauma

You are comfortable in your body, enjoy clothes, and move with strong presence and magnetism

You are always connected to your sensuality, and have a playful, and satisfying sex life

You  trust your instinct over any external messages, conditioning, or judgments

You can create and hold clear boundaries, and feel empowered to communicate and honor them

You tap into your playfulness, and everything gets less serious

You surrender to receiving and pleasure, because you feel safe.

Your baseline becomes peace, calm, and regulated nervous system


You feel vibrant, energetic, and alive, so you actually do stuff

You enjoy guilt free, delicious sex, feel desire, and orgasm easily

You feel free to be yourself, and stop faking it. About time!

You stop toxic behaviors or relationships born of lack of self-love

You get out of a rut, and go for what excites you.

You free your voice, and ask for what YOU want and need

You let go of grief for loss, or past mistakes , and re-engage in life

You have a juicy relationship with partner you can trust 

The Price Of Inaction


I will not patronize you by listing the things you may suffer from if you let time pass without change. You know what hurts, and you know that inaction won't make those things go away. 

This is your time. There is no better time than right now. And of course, you have a choice, and you need to make a decision based on what is right for you in this moment.


If the only reasons you hesitate are 

  • because you are scared of change, of being seen, of feeling too much,
  • because you think that it will be too hard, and you would never get these results anyway,
  • because you have never stood up for yourself, and this feels like too much of a stretch,
  • because you don't trust women and are weary of sharing your personal life
  • because investing in yourself feels indulgent and selfish

I want you to know that I will hold you though each and every one of those. 

  • You will keep your own pace. Feminine won't be rushed. We do not "push the river", and we trust your rhythm
  • We slowly build your capacity to be seen, and to feel without overwhelm
  • We use pleasure to help you feel regulated through the process. Rest, breaks, and honoring your pace are foundations on which we build.
  • No woman left behind. You show up and do the work, and we will support you to the best of our ability.
  • You don't have to stand up for yourself alone. We will stand by your side
  • We heal sisterhood wounds, and you only share what you are comfortable with 
  • You will learn a new story and see that investing in yourself is actually the biggest act of service 
I've relaxed, and I am ready!

Am I Ready For This? 

This program is perfect for you if: 

  • You are in midlife, about to enter midlife, or beyond it, and the whole body changing thing, and what you were taught it means to be an older woman is stressing you out.
  • You feel it's time you focused on what is important to you, but you don't know what you want, or how to get it.
  • You have done personal work, but avoided and/or neglected your sexuality. You want to feel sensual, sexy and vibrant.
  • You are struggling with your self-image, and feel that your confidence levels are slipping away.
  • You carry regrets about the past, feel trapped or angry, can't let it go, but want to move forward
  • You are ready to heal trauma, and break the generational pattern of suffering.
  • You wish to create beautiful, healthy relationships with yourself ad others.
  • You desire to deeply, truly, and sincerely fall in love with yourself.
  • You are ready to own the Power of the Sexy Wise Woman 
  • You are a Yes to your Freedom
  • You are a Yes to your Sexual Aliveness and Healing
  • You are a Yes to your Confidence
  • You are a Yes to your Creativity
  • You are a Yes to your Playfulness
  • You are a Yes to your Truth 
  • You are a Yes to a FULL, ABUNDANT, and JUICY LIFE



This program is not for you if: 

  • You cannot invest the time and energy required to do this work to get results.
  • You are not ready to make the necessary changes, and take steps to let go of the past, and create a new reality you want to thrive in.
  • You have done NO self development work. This program will be intense, and we will do deep work, which may push your edges too much. 
  • You want a quick fix.  Change takes time. This is no different. 
  • You expect me to deliver the results for you. I will show up powerfully with all I've got, but YOU are responsible for what you get out of this program.
  • You are invested in things staying the way they are, because change is scary and  the "devil you know is better than devil you don't". It is easier to procrastinate, and delay living in alignment with what your truth is right now. No shame here, but it IS a choice. 
  • You hate working with energy, symbols, metaphors, rituals, and  anything that doesn't have intellectual explanation and tangible proof 








It's perfect for me. I am IN!